I am guessing the first question on your mind is: Does this really work? Is this all a scam? With everything I am going to talk about your questions and concerns will soon be answered. There will be plenty of information and testimonials to help put your mind at ease.

I have been using PrizeRebel and Rewards1 for about 2 years now. You can fill out surveys or gain referrals (referrals are highly recommended) to earn hundreds of prizes. Prizes available from both sites include: Xbox 360 & accessories; Wii & accessories; PS3 & accessories; iPods & accessories; and a variety of gift certificates (Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, etc.). You can also earn cash from the Rewards site, if you so choose.

If you do not see a prize or certificate of your liking, you can custom order just about anything you can think of. If they are not able to provide you with the prize you custom order, they will work with you to provide an alternative, so you can get what you desire.

The surveys can be fun to fill out every now and then, but referrals will be your meal ticket. The way referrals work, is if you refer someone to the site (go to the referrals section of site for your ref link) and they complete a survey or offer, you get 20% of the amount they make. However, this does not take any points away from the referral filling out the surveys. For example, your referral earns 20 points. You will get 4 points added to your account, while your referral still retains their 20 points. It is a win-win situation.

Daniel P - Thanks prizerebel you rock i didnt believe it i thought this was a scam but NO its real i am a forever user now thanks guys you rock! P.S i am loving my free play and charge kit!!!

If you have your own referral method then I'm sure you don't need my help. To those who may be beginners, here are a few things you can start off with:

  1. Create a Web site (you can do this for free at Yola.com) stating what the site provides.
  2. Create a Youtube video showing an overview of PrizeRebel or Rewards1, then place the link to the site you created in the description.
  3. Tell as many of your friends as possible, and give them your referral link.
  4. Post some flyers giving some brief information on the site, and provide your referral link. (I have never tried this method, but have read in the forums that it does work--depending where you live).
  5. Post in gaming forums (or forums where free products may be of some use) and provide a link to your Web site as a signature. Check with the terms and service before you try this so you do not get banned. As long as you do not spam the forums with thousands of posts, you should be alright.

I have personally received 1600 Microsoft Points; a 12-Month subscription to Xbox Live; numerous DVDs; and two video games. That is over $200 worth of items, and I have not spent one dime on them. Both sites are worth the time, and the little bit of extra work you put into them will certainly pay off.

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If you still feel uncomfortable, then please continue to read through my "FAQS" and "Testimonials" pages. Once you feel comfortable enough with everything, head back to this page to sign up. Have fun!

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